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My Little Pony

We have collected the best my little pony coloring pages for you. You can join the heroes' adventures with the coloring page. There is no obstacle to painting your favorite character. My Little Pony pages will be very colorful. You are free to choose the pen. But it's up to your imagination to paint it with rainbow colors.

My Little Pony coloring pages (free printable)

Princess Luna

Princess Luna

Cute Celestia

Cute Celestia

I hope you liked the collection of coloring pages we collected on My Little Pony. Now I would like to give you information about these fantastic characters. Among the types of movies that children enjoy watching, animated cartoons and TV series come first. My Litty Pony is also among these cartoon series. This series, watched mostly by girls, tells about different characters and their adventures.

My Little Pony Characters

My Little Pony anime series is a Canadian and American series. The characters in the series consist of animals. In this series, which consists of nine seasons in total, a different subject is covered in each season. The main theme of this cartoon series is about friendship and camaraderie. The characters mentioned in this series, which children love to watch, are six ponies. One of these horses is a horse named Twilight Sparkle and has a single horn. All the pony horses in the series have their own different powers and characteristics. There are other characters in this anime series apart from the characters that are considered the basic building blocks of the series. Some of these characters are:

Photo Finish, Princess Luna, Discord, Princess Cadance, Tirek, Storm King, Sunset Shimmer, Flash Sentry, Grubber, Queen Novo...

What are My Little Pony Names?

My Little Pony animated series is a series aimed mostly at the age group of four to seven. However, since the series is very enjoyable and gripping, all age groups can easily watch it. The theme of friendship is discussed in each episode of this series and teaches important lessons about friendship. Nowadays, many people who love animated series want to know about the characters and features of My Little Pony, friendship is magic. There are six major characters in total in this series. All of these characters consist of cute pony horses. The names and powers of the main characters in this cartoon are as follows:

Twilight Sparkle: This character appears as the main character of the beloved series. The power of this cute and unicorn pony is to transform into Alicorn, become a winged horse and take on the shape of a princess. It also represents the magic factor.

Pinkie Pie: This character, which represents the factors of laughter and joy, stands out with its energetic and fun features. In addition, this female pony horse also has a crocodile that it looks after.

Princess Celestia: This pony character, which has the power to displace the sun, represents harmony. She also stands out by guiding Twilight, who is described as the protagonist.

Applejack: This character's parents are not alive. He has a great talent especially in the field of agriculture. The element represented by this pony, which is defined as strong, is honesty.

Fluttershy: This character, who is fond of animals and takes care of them closely, is female just like other ponies. The most distinctive feature of this character, also known as the Pegasus pony, is that it is thin and gentle.

Rainbow Dash: Described as an extremely self-confident character. Representing the loyalty factor, this character has the power to create sonic booms. With this explosion comes an explosion of rainbow colors. It also stands out for being very fast.

Although Hasbro originally created the series for children ages 4 to 7, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has become an internet phenomenon, garnering fans of almost all ages. The series first became famous on the site 4chan. After the discussions on the site, the interest in the series increased on the internet. The crowd called themselves "Brony", which is a combination of the words "bro" and "pony". Although the series continued, interest in the series slowly decreased. In the first episode of the fifth season, "The Cutie Map", many fans associated Communism and Marxism after the village Twilight and her friends went to was shown to be ruled by "equality" by Starlight Glimmer.

The most important thing in the My Little Pony universe is kindness and eternal love.

Princess Celestia used her horn power to make the sun rise and set. The younger one was raising the moon and starting the night. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and the Pony universe. But as time passed, the young sister became resentful. The ponies brought by his sister were playing during the day. They also slept through the young sister's beautiful night. Until that moment that changed the future, the young sister refused to bring down the moon to prevent the sun from rising. Although her older sister tried to persuade her, the young sister, who was very upset about this situation, did not accept it, causing the change in her personality.

The young sister has moved away from goodness and love and become evil and dark. The young sister chose the dark and evil side and turned into Nightmare Moon. When the young sister chose the evil side, her first vow after turning into Nightmare Moon was to bring darkness to the country. The older sister, Princess Celestia, chose the evil side and exiled her sister, who turned into Nightmare Moon, to the moon using the elements of harmony. The older sister thus took responsibility for both the moon and the sun. Thus, harmony in Equestria continued happily for generations. But according to legend, on the longest day of the first year, the stars will help him escape. Nightmare Moon will bring eternal night when it returns. Just as everything is going well in Equestria and the summer sun is celebrating, the brother who suddenly turns into Nightmare Moon arrives. She wants revenge. The beautiful and happy Pony says she will turn her world into darkness and now only night will rule. All the Pony people become worried.

Twilight Sparkle is the only person who can stop this situation. Together with the My My Little Pony, they look for the elements of harmony, the only thing that can stop him. Thus begins the friendship between these six ponies. In fact, the Harmony elements consist of the salient features of all of them. That's why when they combine the harmony elements, they defeat the Nightmare Moon. When Nightmare Moon is defeated by the elements of harmony, her elder sister Princess Celestia appears. She forgives her younger brother on the condition that he is well. The younger sister also suffers from bad influences. Thus, peace was restored in Equestria.

In the My Little Pony universe, good has triumphed over evil. There is no evil that good cannot defeat, not only in the My Little Pony universe but in the whole world. Goodness overcoming evil has been the unifying power of My Little Ponies. The six main characters of My Little Pony continued on their way, realizing that there was no power they could not defeat as long as they were together. Therefore, in order to fully understand the My Little Pony universe, we need to know the main unifying force, that is, the encounter between good and evil and that goodness is above all else. The good ones will always win no matter what evil they encounter. We see this in almost every moment of the My Little Pony adventure.