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LOL Surprise Doll

L.O.L. Surprise Doll is one of the indispensable toys of girls. I am sure they will have a great time with the L.O.L coloring pages. LOL Surprise Doll are products that activate children's imaginations. Because these babies are not just designed to be stylishly dressed. There are also collections released in different styles.

LOL Surprise Doll Coloring Pages


Daring Diva


SPF Q.T. Doll


Glitter Queen


Sis Swing


Leading Baby


Black Tie


Pharaoh Babe


Snuggle Babe




Boss Queen

What is LOL Surprise Doll?

LOL is Giochi Preziosi S.p.A., founded in 1979 by Enrico Preziosi. It is a toy brand. However, it has changed considerably since then. LOL dolls are small dolls that come wrapped in a surprise toy ball. Each ball has layers inside that include stickers, messages, mix and match accessories, and finally a doll. Some of these dolls are crying, some of them are wet and some are spitting. Unfortunately, you cannot find out which baby you will have until you reach the last layer. Hence the name is also known as the surprise doll.

What are Lol Surprise Doll Models?

LOL suprise dolls have a high product variety. However, the most popular ones are the lol baby set in the ball. It is one of the surprise sets and contains eight products. Among these products

A baby, several pieces of accessories (buckle, dress, shoe, bag…), Tags, cards ...

These products may vary with the emergence of different models. In particular, we can say that parents prefer these creative toys in order to reinforce positive behaviors for their children. Parents give these toys to their children as reward to support children's development of useful habits. These toys are divided into models with different types of features. For example, when it enters the water, there is an original toy option that changes color, drinking water, crying, gushing water and produced in many other features. In addition, different types of baby are among the options produced with chirping colors and stand out with fun designs.

What are lol dolls collections?

These collectible toy types are small sized dolls wrapped in a surprise toy ball. In addition, lol  characters, which have become a trend, can also be used for decorative purposes. For this reason, it is one of the types of toys that are often included in collections. It is frequently used in bedroom and clothing products as well as decorative products that appeal to visuality. Dolls also support the mental development of children with their fun and creative looks. In addition, not only the figures of the dolls, but also the surprises are among the remarkable features.

Toys with printed characters that children like are excellent gifts that parents will prefer for their children. In addition, the models, which are among the new dolls, take their place among the collections with different figures, accessories, shoes and similar qualities. However, it will not be appropriate for children under the age of five to play with lol baby. Because it is one of the safest types of toys to play for children over the age of five. However, in order for young children to play safely with these toys, they must be under the supervision of their parents.

What are the Characteristics of Lol Dolls?

These are some of the frequently asked questions by parents. These dolls are made in features that are fun for kids. The color ranges of these products are divided into a fairly wide selection. In general, lol dolls are toys that cry, spit, and poop. In other words, dolls perform all the actions that a real doll does. Therefore, when children play, they may feel like they are looking at a real baby. Thus, house games are made even more efficient and fun. Because dolls' legs, arms or heads move. In this way, it is possible to insert or place lol dolls in different positions.

Depending on the features of the products, the prices of lol  also vary. Each surprise toy option is offered for sale along with the accessories and clothes that the lol baby will wear. For example, the Lol lil brothers have the ability to change color when placed in warm or cold water. Although the legs and arms of these series do not move, the head can be adjusted easily. In addition, the Lol lil brothers are toys that are also sold with accessories to wear.

While some series of these dolls change color, there are also models that do not change color. But all lol lil brothers are made with color changing feature. In order to understand whether these products will change color or not, you can examine the poster offered for sale with the doll. Only some Lol tots toys have the ability to burrow and cry. In some cases, different versions of the same baby can be produced that make or spit under it. It is among the topics that are wondered whether Lol toyss are fragrant. But it does not have any fragrance in lol dolls collections.

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