Big head baby Elephant easy coloring page

Big head baby Elephant easy


The Big head baby Elephant easy coloring page is completely free to print and download. Elephant cubs are born with a rare hair, adult individuals are practically devoid of hair.

Big head baby Elephant easy

The head of the animal is very large, with noticeable ears. Elephant ears have a large enough surface, thin edges and thick surfaces, they are good heat exchangers. The shaking of the ears makes it easier for the animal to cool its body. Elephant's leg has 2 knee caps. Such a structure has made it the only mammal species that cannot jump. In the middle of the foot is a layer of fat that spreads with every step, allowing these powerful animals to move almost silently. An elephant's trunk is an amazing and unique organ consisting of a fused nose and upper lip. Tendons and over 100,000 muscles make them strong and flexible. The proboscis performs a number of important functions for the animal, such as breathing, smelling, touching and bringing food to the mouth.

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