Brutal Tyrannosaurus coloring page

Brutal Tyrannosaurus


Amazing Brutal Tyrannosaurus coloring page.Tyrannosaurus rex (or T. rex for short) is a large theropod dinosaur species. Theropods, or "wild beast-footed" dinosaurs, are a group of dinosaurs known for their hollow bone structure and three-toed feet.

Brutal Tyrannosaurus

Tyrannosaurus was also a bipedal carnivore with a large skull balanced by a long, heavy tail. Tyrannosaurus' forelimbs were rather short compared to its large and powerful hind legs; however, these forearms were unusually strong for their size. Both arms had two clawed fingers. The most complete T. rex fossil we have is 12.3–12.4 meters long; however, T. rex can be over 12.4 meters tall and reach 3.66–3.96 meters in hip height. By most modern estimates, T. rex weighed between 8.4 and 14 metric tons. While other theropods rival, and in some cases even surpass, Tyrannosaurus rex in size, T. rex is still among the largest known land predators and is estimated to have the strongest bite force of any land animal.

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