Butterfly with beautiful appearance coloring page

Butterfly with beautiful appearance


Printable Butterfly with beautiful appearance coloring page for kids. This is a collection of lovely and cute butterfly coloring page. Feel free to print and color the ones you like. There are more than 150,000 known species of butterflies.

Butterfly with beautiful appearance

The wings of butterflies are very strong, they have wings of many different types and colors. While the wide wings glide long; slender wings can fly fast and move very quickly. Some types of butterflies can fly incredible distances. They can migrate more than 5,000 kilometers to spend the winter in a warmer place. Monarch butterflies fly 3,200 kilometers from North America to Mexico before the cold comes in the fall. During this journey that will take about two months, they feed on nectar and migrate to a milder climate. Some scientists think that butterflies find their way using the Sun's position as a compass, while others think they can determine their direction by detecting changes in light waves filtering through clouds. Millions of butterflies travel south each year and head north again in the spring to breed.

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