Cute Baby Dinosaur coloring page

Cute Baby Dinosaur


Printable Cute Baby Dinosaur coloring page for kids. This is a collection of lovely and cute dino coloring page. Feel free to print and color the ones you like. It contributes to child development by increasing the ability of self-expression.

Cute Baby Dinosaur

The earliest definitive dinosaur fossils, dating to about 231 million years ago, are from Ischigualasto Provincial Park in northwestern Argentina and include the genera Herrerasaurus, Eoraptor, and Eodromaeus. Scientists are still debating whether Nyasasaurus, a genus found in Tanzania and dating to around 240 million years ago, was also an early dinosaur or a dinosauromorph that includes dinosaurs and their close relatives, said Steve Brusatte, a paleontologist at the University of California.

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