Dazzling Horse coloring page

Dazzling Horse


Amazing beautiful and Dazzling horse coloring page is completely free and printable. Horses are very noble and very beautiful looking animals. Living together with humans for centuries, it has generally been domesticated.

Dazzling Horse

The horse's leg muscles are very strong. Their feet are single-toed, the tip of the toe is surrounded by a hoof (nails of equine animals such as horses, donkeys, etc.). The horse's lips are soft and fleshy. It has 40 teeth in its mouth. Between the vestigial canines (not vestigial in male horses) and the molars, there are gaps on both sides in the lower and upper jaws, where a gem (iron tool attached to the mouth to guide the horse) is attached. Its teeth wear out over time and the age of the horse is determined according to the degree of wear. Its stomach is one-eyed and its intestines are quite long, about 25-30 meters. The gestation period of the horse is 11 months. It gives birth once a year; As soon as the baby is born, it stands up and is fed with mother's milk for a while. Horses have a lifespan of 30-50 years. gait of horses; There are four types, as it were, trot, pacing and canter. His normal walking is called almost, his light running is called trot, his fast running is called canter. Rahwan is a rare form of running and is taught with special training.

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