Easy sheet Elephant coloring page

Easy sheet Elephant


You can have fun with the printable Easy Elephant coloring page for kids. Download and print these Elephant coloring sheet. Elephants can swim very well and love water games..

Easy sheet Elephant

Elephants love water games, and their average movement speed on land reaches 3-6 km/h. When running short distances, the elephant's speed sometimes increases to 50 km/h. African elephants are found almost everywhere throughout the warm African continent. Elephants live in Namibia, Senegal, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Congo, Sudan, the Republic of South Africa, Zambia and Somalia. Unfortunately, elephants are slaughtered by poachers for their tusks and are in danger of extinction. The elephant lives in any landscape, but prefers the savanna, trying to escape from the desert region and too dense tropical forests. Indian elephants as well as northeast and south India, Thailand, China and Sri Lanka Island; It lives around Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia. Unlike their relatives from the African continent, Indian elephants prefer to settle in woodland, tropics and regions with thick bamboo bushes.

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