Forest pattern butterfly coloring page

Forest pattern butterfly


Butterfly is one of the cutest animal in the whole world. Select download free graphic resources for Forest pattern butterfly coloring sheet.

Forest pattern butterfly

There are more than 17,500 species of butterflies cataloged in the world. Of that number, 750 can be found in the United States. Butterflies belong to the class Lepidoptera of insects characterized by their large scaly wings. Contrary to popular belief, monarch butterflies migrate to escape the cold and give birth. Monarch butterflies are the only insect in the world to travel an average of over 4,000 miles each winter. Butterflies do not see with their taste buds, but with sensors located under their feet. Butterflies can see beyond the ultraviolet spectrum, and their eyes are made up of a mesh of 6,000 lenses. In fact, many adult butterflies use whatever they eat as energy.

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