Long-bearded mountain goat coloring page

Long-bearded mountain goat


Discover this long-bearded mountain goat coloring page for kids, Push the limits of your imagination using the pastel crayons of your choice. Since the bottom of their nails is covered with a thick layer of skin, they can move freely on steep cliffs.

Long-bearded mountain goat

The part of their nails is flexible and the tips of their nails are more pointed so that they can move on the ice. In order to use their energy efficiently in the snow in winter, they follow each other's footsteps and proceed in a single file. They can jump 2-3 meters up from where they are and 6-7 meters ahead. They are very good runners, climbers and observers. They have a very good sense of smell and sight. Both males and females have horns. Their horns are glossy, long and hooked backwards, above the eye sockets. The horn length is 18-20 cm up to the average hook, and 25-30 cm in total. Horns in males are longer and thicker.

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