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Protoceratops is a herbivorous dinosaur species that is the subject of the coloring page. It is 1.5-2.5 meters long and weighs 400kg. Note the following when working with the coloring page; It has a parrot-like beak. It walks on all four legs. It has a bony "frill"-like structure on the back of its head.


Protoceratops, one of the pioneer members of Ceratopsians, is not a small-sized dinosaur genus, even though it is quite small compared to its cousins (especially when compared to Triceratops). It had an average length of 1.8 meters and a weight of 220 kg. This breed has a quadrupedal (over 4 feet) body structure, with the hind legs longer and stronger than the front legs, giving the back an arch-like appearance. this is a sign that it evolved from the bipedal psittacosaurus, which is considered the ancestor of ceratopsian dinosaurs. slightly different from the general appearance of typical horned dinosaurs. They have no rostral (nasal) and ocular horns (above their heads). instead, they have a horn-like structure on the top of their noses. It has been understood that the growth stages become increasingly evident in adult individuals by following the fossils.

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