Realistic Ant Sheet coloring page

Realistic Ant Sheet


Discover free Realistic Ant coloring page to print or download for adults. HD quality Ant image is therapeutic and calming.

Realistic Ant Sheet

There are three types of individuals in an ant colony: fertile females (queens), males and workers. Males and females have two biplanes each. After the bridal flight, the wings fall on the queen. Workers are wingless sterile females. They make up most of the community. Most of the heavy work, such as gathering food, shepherding, cleaning the nest, belongs to them. While there are ant societies consisting of a few individuals, there are also those that are more than a hundred thousand. The number of queens varies between 1-3 in small colonies and 15-20 in large colonies. Workers make up the majority of the colony. Red forest ant (Formica ruga) colony; It consists of about 20 females, about 100 males and about 10 thousand workers.

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