T-Rex dinosaur coloring page

T-Rex dinosaur


We have arranged for you the most dangerous T-Rex coloring page among dinosaurs. T-Rex is a very strong and agile dino, you will feel it while painting. The famous dinosaur of the Jurassic Park movie series is T-Rex, or Tyrannosaurus Rex, which can be considered the most curious dinosaur species for everyone who watches the movies and is interested in dinosaurs.


Tyrannosaur Rex or T-Rexler is a predatory and carnivorous dinosaur that started in the late Jurassic period and lived in the Cretaceous period and roamed the world 65 million years ago. T-Rexes can reach 14-15 meters in length. The T-Rex is a 6-7 meter long carnivorous dinosaur. Its hind legs are very strong, but its forelimbs are not well developed. In fact, many cartoons have been drawn about the T-Rex's forelimbs being very small and undeveloped. T-Rex teeth are around 20 centimeters long and can regenerate even if damaged. So even if a female falls out, it will come out again. An adult T-Rex weighs between 4-7 tons. Average life expectancy is 30 years.

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