Wild Horse coloring page

Wild Horse


Discover Wild Horse coloring page best quality Horse picture to print or download. Warm-blooded horses are small, lively and delicate. The body is of medium size, light and slender. Muscles are underdeveloped compared to cold-blooded ones.

Wild Horse

The hairs covering the body are short. They can run very fast and continuously. It is generally used in passenger, light shooting, harness, transport and sports works. Its ability to adapt to the climate is good. Although it is very common in the world, the most well-known are the Arabian horses and the English horses, which are taller than him. Cold-blooded horses are larger, heavily built, thick and rough-looking, their muscles are very developed and strong. The hairs covering the body are long, the head is large, the neck is short and thick, the rump is developed and strong. Their ability to adapt to the climate is low. Their movement is quite heavy, they easily pull plows and carts (Arden, Nonyus and Belgian horses).

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