Amy Rose coloring page

Amy Rose


The Amy Rose coloring page is completely free to print and download. You can then print it(hedgehog) from Sonic the print picture button under the coloring page. Amy is a female hedgehog who falls in love with Sonic.

Amy Rose

She is also the first female character in the Sonic series. He showed off his personal weapon, the Piko Piko Hammer, in the first games it was playable. Amy's personal weapon, this hammer, makes her look humorous in a way. She is a very beautiful and resourceful intelligent girl. She has an almost morbid obsession with Sonic. Every time she sees him, she'll follow him "SOOONIIIIIIIC!!!!!" she runs screaming. But Amy still has a very good heart. She is a helpful person. She wears a green T-shirt and a yellow miniskirt. Her next new generation outfit wears a backless mini dress and a headband. At the same time, Amy's hair in her early versions resembles Sonic's. Metal Sonic always abducts him in the early days. This event is also shown well in Sonic Adventure DX.

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