Hedgehog is very happy coloring page

Hedgehog is very happy


Hedgehog printable coloring page for free. Discover collection of printable and downloadable Hedgehog is very happy coloring sheet for kids. In case of danger, it takes the shape of a ball to defend itself and protects itself against threats with its spines.

Hedgehog is very happy

They have an average lifespan of 18 years. Some species of hedgehogs throw their spines at the endangered creature to defend themselves when in danger. They are incredibly resistant to poisons, especially snake venom. They can withstand many times more poison than humans can withstand. They are frequently seen in Asia, Europe and New Zealand. They usually prefer to live in places that do not have much altitude. Species that live in temperate climates hibernate in extreme cold, and species that live in extremely hot regions, especially deserts, hibernate in summer. They can run, climb and swim.

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