Kangaroo and its habitat coloring page

Kangaroo and its habitat


Explore Kangaroo and its habitat coloring page best quality picture to print or download. If your kid loves kangaroo this coloring book is for you! The length of the kangaroo tail ranges from 14.2 to 107 cm, depending on the species.

Kangaroo and its habitat

In other species of kangaroos, the tail is shorter and thicker and also less hairy. Muscular thighs support the narrow pelvis of mammals. In the longer bones, the lower leg muscles are less developed and the ankles are arranged in such a way that they prevent the foot from turning sideways. During rest or slow movement, the weight of the animal's body is distributed over the long, narrow legs, creating a stop loss effect. However, during a jump, the kangaroo only stands on two legs. In some cases, the first toe of the foot is completely lost.

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