Kangaroo family coloring page

Kangaroo family


You can have fun with the printable Kangaroo family coloring page for kids. Download and print these kangaroo coloring sheet. Big kangaroos are very interesting animals, they are difficult to recognize. They have a small head, large ears, and large almond-shaped eyes.

Kangaroo family

The eyes are framed by long dense eyelashes that protect the cornea from dust. The kangaroo's lower jaw has a unique structure, its posterior ends bent inwards. In total, 34 teeth are adapted for feeding on thick plant foods. The kangaroo neck is slender, the thorax narrow, the front paws appear underdeveloped, while the jumping legs are very strong and massive. The tail, which is thick at the base and tapering towards the tip, acts as a stabilizer when jumping, and in large individuals it is the support of the body during fights and sitting. It does not perform a satisfactory function.

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