Realistic Kangaroo coloring page

Realistic Kangaroo


You can have fun with the printable Realistic Kangaroo coloring page for kids. Download and print these kangaroo coloring sheet. Farmers also have to constantly deal with kangaroos to protect grazing land for their sheep and cows.

Realistic Kangaroo

An average kangaroo in the wild tends to live less than 10 years, but some kangaroo individuals in the wild have been known to live up to 20 years. Kangaroos usually live up to 23 years old in captivity. What Kind of Animals Are Kangaroos? Nutrition and Lifestyles *Class: Mammals *Scientific Name: Macropus *Size :0.6-1.5m *Weight: 18-95 kg *Top Speed :55km *Lifespan: 4-10 years *Color :Brown, Gray *Nutrition: Grass * Habitat: Dry forests, desert and grasslands *Characteristics: Females have a pouch and can jump on their hind legs.

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