This lion is very cheerful coloring page

This lion is very cheerful


Explore This lion is very cheerful coloring page best quality picture to print or download. If your kid loves lion, this coloring book is for you! The bite of an adult lion is 30 times stronger than the bite of any domestic cat.

This lion is very cheerful

Lions mate an average of 3,000 times in their lifetime. A lion can reach up to 3 meters in length. Lions sleep at least 10 hours every day. An average lion weighs 150-200 kg. The manes of lions begin to become evident when they are 5-7 months old. Baby lions begin to eat meat when they are 3 months old. They live in Asia and Africa continents. The lioness gives birth 2-3 times a year. They eat an average of 15 kg of meat per day. They like to swim. They hunt in groups. They patrol their territory. Lions are the only cat species to have a tufted tail.

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