Happy Cartoon SeaHorse coloring page

Happy Cartoon SeaHorse


Printable Happy Cartoon SeaHorse coloring page download or print the best seahorse image sheet for free. Seahorses have special structures in their skin cells called chromatophores.

Happy Cartoon SeaHorse

Thanks to this structure, they provide a variety of colors and can be camouflaged very easily. Its colors range from orange to turquoise blue, from bright yellow to deep red. Sometimes it can be black, gray or even khaki green. Thanks to these structures, they adapt to the environment to protect themselves from predators. The Seahorse is a true master of camouflage. As soon as it feels suspicious or in danger, it immediately takes on the color of the environment, and when viewed, they can take on a color similar to seagrass or algae. They use their camouflage abilities not only for concealment, but also for sex (reproductive) life. Male seahorses can take on many different colors while courting the female they like. Meeting at sunrise or sunset, male and female seahorses hold tail-to-tail and sometimes kiss. In this ceremony, which lasts more than half an hour, the male is constantly courting to attract the female.

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