Lady Rhino loves to be fed coloring page

Lady Rhino loves to be fed


Discover free Rhino coloring page to print or download for kids. HD quality Lady Rhino loves to be fed image is therapeutic and calming. They had a lifespan of 40-50 years.

Lady Rhino

Their sense of smell is better than their sense of sight. They do not have the ability to jump They have an average weight of 4500 kg. They are herbivorous animals. Their skin is sensitive like humans. They can run at 48-60 km/h. They are closely related to zebras and horses. They can carry a weight of 900 kg with their horns on their heads. They spend 15-16 months of pregnancy. After the age of 3, they can leave the family. They have a large and large body but a small brain. Their horns are on average 1 meter long.

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