Seahorse live in the ocean coloring page

Seahorse live in the ocean


Find more Seahorse live in the ocean printable coloring page to print. Select download free graphic resources for Seahorse coloring sheet. They almost always lead a monogamous life.

Seahorse live in the ocean

When one spouse dies, the other can grieve until they find a spouse again. In order not to miss the ideal mating time, male and female choose a single mate and adjust their biological clocks to each other, thus not jeopardizing the continuity of the species. Males of seahorses undertake pregnancy. After the elaborate dance above, the female lays her eggs in the male's brood sac. Males fertilize them and carry them until they are ready for hatching. Some species can carry more than 2000 baby animals! Gestation lasts 2-4 weeks and then the male releases the fully developed mini seahorses into the deep sea.

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