Caretta caretta swimming coloring page

Caretta caretta swimming


Discover free Caretta caretta coloring page to print or download for kids. HD quality Caretta caretta swimming image is therapeutic and calming. Caretta carettas, also called water turtles, live in the sea and come ashore only during the spawning period.

Caretta caretta swimming

Caretta caretta coloring page is free to print for your development and education.

The back is red-brown, the undersides are light yellow with white turning. To facilitate swimming, their legs are in the form of oars and they have a maximum of 2 claws on the outer edge. It is known that it can lay 100 eggs at a time, and it has been determined that it can lay up to 162 eggs. After the incubation period of 2 months, the fry hatch at night and go towards the sea. A newly hatched baby caretta can swim non-stop for up to 20 hours. Although they take oxygen from the air, they can stay underwater for a long time.

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