Center Stage Ballerina coloring page

Center Stage Ballerina


Unfortunately, you cannot find out which baby you will have until you reach the last floor of the package. Hence the name is also known as the surprise doll. Here is images of LOL Center Stage Ballerina to print for the entire family. Download, color, and print these lol surprise doll coloring pages for free.

Center Stage Ballerina

Center Stage Ballerina coloring page is free to print for your development and education.

When buying an L.O.L surprise doll, make sure it is original, remember that what you will find inside is a complete surprise. Kids especially girls love these toys, they make a great Christmas gift, if you're looking for a Christmas gift for girls, don't even think about any other toys.. Center Stage has pale skin and lavender eyes. She wears pale pink blush and lipstick, and she has pink eyebrows. Her apricot hair is worn in buns with braided hair around the base, held by a white bow. She has straight cut bangs with a tiny split on the side, and on her head is a white band with tiara. Her attire is a shiny light pink ballerina dress with frilly layered lilac sleeves and a bodice held by lilac ribbon beneath a bow. Her skirt has a ruffled layered trim of lilac, and she wears pink tights and white ballet shoes.

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