Curly Unicorn with long hair and tail coloring page

Curly Unicorn with long hair and tail


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Curly Unicorn

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Curly Unicorn with long hair and tail coloring page is a good choice for kids. This colorful animal depicted by Ctesias is most likely a more fantastical reinterpretation of the Indian rhinoceros. In India, rhino horns were believed to have healing powers, and drinking cups were sometimes made from these horns, decorated with tricolor ribbons. In light of all this, belief in the healing power of this animal's horn has become an integral part of the unicorn legend. Ctesias continues: This animal is so fast and strong that no living creature, horse or other animal can keep up with it. However, when they take their young to graze and are surrounded by many horsemen, they refuse to abandon their young there and flee. That's the only way to catch them while hunting. They fight horses and hunters using their horns. They can injure them with a double or a bite. However, since it is not possible to catch them alive, they usually die with arrows and spears. The meat of this animal is too bitter to be eaten; therefore, the main reason for hunting is its horn and ankle bone. (Freeman, 14)

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