Winged Unicorn ready to fly coloring page

Winged Unicorn ready to fly


Printable Winged Unicorn ready to fly coloring page download or print. It's not hard to imagine a unicorn, and for most of this mythical creature's history, people thought it really existed.

Winged Unicorn ready to fly

Winged Unicorn coloring page is free to print for your development and education.

Mistranslations resulted in transforming unicorns from confusing compound animals into majestic white creatures. In the third century B.C.E., those who translated the Bible from Hebrew to Greek took the Hebrew word "re'em", presumably for aurochs, and transformed it into the Greek word "monokeros," meaning "one horn" for rhinos. The word later became "unicornus" in Latin translations of the Greek Bible and "unicorn" in English versions of the Latin. Thus, the unicorn became an animal associated with Jesus and purity in the Bible.

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