Ariel looks hungry coloring page

Ariel looks hungry


Please find your favorite Ariel looks hungry coloring page to download, print and color. Explore our collection of printable mermaid coloring sheet. It is shown that Ariel is passionately obsessed with the human world and wants to learn more about their culture.

Ariel looks hungry

At first, unlike his father, he sees humans as ambitious beings, constantly admiring their ability to create, and as a result vehemently opposes the idea that they are "barbaric" and selfish. It turns out that this passion was prominent throughout Ariel's life, years before the events in the movie, as seen in the television series. During the film, as seen in the "Part of Your World" elegy, Ariel's obsession with the human world has grown to unimaginable proportions as she spends most of her time focusing on finding, observing, and collecting various human objects that have sunk. into the sea. As the song begins with a sense of wonder and admiration, but eventually culminates with a soft ending filled with despair and hopelessness, her obsession also affected her emotionally and represents Ariel's dying hopes to experience life on the surface. These feelings of helplessness and helplessness are the main reason behind Ariel's ultimate deal with the sea witch Ursula to become human and experience the world above the surface.

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