Ariel opens the jukebox coloring page

Ariel opens the jukebox


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Ariel mermaid coloring page

One day, one of Ariel's older sisters turned 20 and was able to swim above the sea. When he came back, he told so many good things that Ariel started to wonder outside even more. The mermaid didn't want to wait any longer. Ariel, who is very friendly under the sea, called her fish friends and went through the underwater passage with their help and came to the surface of the water. At that time, there was a storm at sea and he saw a young man fall from the ship. He immediately went and rescued that man and left him on the rocks. This young man was actually a very handsome prince. He had seen Ariel, too, vaguely. Impressed by the prince, Ariel could not resist and sang a song to him with her beautiful voice. Even though he didn't feel like it, he had to leave it on the rocks and get away. The prince's palace was by the sea. He was so impressed with Ariel that he hoped to come to the shore every day to find her. Ariel, who learned of the pass, passed through it every day and secretly followed the prince. Finally, he could not stand it and went to the water witch and asked her to help him.

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