Pikachu with hat coloring page

Pikachu with hat


This is a collection of lovely and cute pokemon Pikachu coloring page. Feel free to print and color the ones you like. It releases electricity from the red dots on your cheeks. Thanks to the emission of electricity in his body, he usually temporarily paralyzes his opponent with various attacks.

Pikachu with hat

When a Pikachu is exposed to a Thunderstone, it transforms into Raichu. Pikachus are known to like ketchup. They also enjoy eating apples and strawberries. Clefairy was originally considered as the Pokémon mascot, but as Pikachu became more popular, it became the mascot. Pikachus recharge themselves while they sleep. Pikachu is an electric Pokémon. If something or someone pulls Pikachu's tail, it attacks. Pikachu attacks with electricity contained in red bags on the cheeks. It can be used as a Pikachu starter in the game Pokémon Go.

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