Rambo is a Nya-gical kitty girl coloring page

Rambo is a Nya-gical kitty girl


Discover this Rambo is a Nya-gical kitty girl coloring page for kids from Gacha Life, Push the limits of your imagination using the pastel crayons of your choice.

Rambo is a Nya-gical kitty girl

Diamonds earned in the game are used to complete collectible cards called Gacha. The higher the number of these cards, the higher the player's level. If played online, you can compare your collection and level with your friends, and the created sketches can be shared. The player can share the pieces added to the collection with his friend character, and if it is not enough, he can increase this number by purchasing diamonds. Rambo is a character in Gacha Life and Gacha Club, where he previously appeared as a playable combat unit. She is available in Train Size B on Gacha Life and her preferred gift category is Cute. She is also a self-proclaimed prankster Nya-gical kitty girl.

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