Parrots Free Coloring Pages to Print


Free printable parrot coloring pages will be a great choice for kids. We will learn good things about colorful birds with parrots coloring pages. These birds, which have interesting features, can talk and imitate very well. Apart from the coloring worksheet, we would like to give you information about these birds. It is also worth explaining in terms of the parrot species, which is one of the most curious animals in the animal kingdom with its imitation abilities and intelligence levels. Parrots, which have dozens of species, manage to attract people's attention with their unusual appearance and arouse curiosity.

Parrots coloring pages (free printable sheets)

You can easily separate difficult and easy worksheets when choosing a parrot coloring page. We hope you liked our collection. Now I would like to give you interesting information about parrots. Parrots are the group with the most developed brains among birds. For this reason, they can easily imitate the sound they hear. Since they have very nice feathers and colors in terms of physicality, they are usually fed at home. Parrots have a great reputation among bird breeds for responding to humans and imitating their voices. There are many varieties of parrots that have been kept as pets for thousands of years. The most commonly fed parrot species in the world and the main characteristics of this species are listed below. African Gray Parrot: The African gray parrot, also called Jako, is the most commonly fed species at home. It is medium in size and is considered the most intelligent of its kind. This parrot species has the ability to memorize more than 1500 words and imitate others.

Sultan parrot

Originating from Australia, this parrot species has a highly developed ability to whistle and imitate the sounds it hears. Having a life span of approximately 25 years, cockatiels are a species that is easier to care for than other parrots. Sultan parrot species are classified according to their external appearance and it is known that there are 27 different cockatiel species determined in this way. While 8 of these 27 different species live only in Australia; 8 of them can be fed at home.

Yellow Blue Ara Ararauna Parrot

The origins of this parrot species, which have very vivid colors and can reach quite large sizes, are based on the geography of Central America. These parrots, which have a life span of 50 years, can also be fed with foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Red Ara Parrots

Because they like to live in tropical regions, these parrots, which are more difficult to care for at home than other species, can reach up to 60 years. This species, which attracts attention with the loud noise they make while singing, can learn a large number of words if well trained.

African Gray Parrots

This parrot species, also called the Jako parrot, is among the most commonly fed parrots at home. This species, which has an extremely gentle and docile character, can learn to speak much faster than other parrots.

Goffin Cockatoo Parrot

This type, which has a docile nature, has a docile, affectionate and sweet character. The average life span of this parrot, whose homeland is Indonesia, is about 50 years.


This species, also known as the love bird, draws attention as a parrot species native to Africa and Madagascar. The life span of these parrots, which have a very energetic character, is about 15 years.

Budgerigars, a member of the parrot family, are among the most well-known and pet birds. This species, which can have different color tones, is very easy to care for at home.

In addition to all these, Amazon parrots, Rozella parrots, Chattering Lori parrots and Senegal parrots are among the prominent parrot species.

Parrot Breeds

parrots; Although they are very similar to each other, it has more than 300 species with different characteristics. These parrot breeds, whose number exceeds 300, are grouped under two separate classes, according to their tongue structure, as flat-tongued animals fed with fruit and walnuts and brush-tongued ones fed with plant sap.

Parrot Features

Apart from the New Zealand parrot, parrots that stand out for being good flyers and climbers; They are described as birds with various bright colors, short necks and strong beaks. Parrots, which use their strong beaks as a third leg when they need to climb, are among the animals that can establish friendships with humans thanks to their imitation skills and superior abilities.

Depending on the class they belong to, parrots that feed on flowers, fruits and seeds live in the tropical forests of Africa, Asia, Australia and America, although these animals are also fed by humans at home due to their superior repetition and imitation abilities.