Baby ant is very happy coloring page

Baby ant is very happy


We collect some of the cutest Baby ant coloring pages for kids. Baby ant is very happy is one of the cutest animals in the whole world.

Baby ant is very happy

The lower jaws (mandibles) are highly developed and specialized for the job they will do: sharp-edged like scissors in leafcutter ants; It is sharp in warriors and has the power to pierce the enemy's head. Some are sawdust or grinder type. Ants use their front legs as a hand. With these, they catch food, replace eggs and cocoons in the nest, and clean their bodies. On the first pair of legs, they have a pair of combs, which are cleaning organs made of hairs like in bees. Ants are extremely fond of cleanliness. They breathe through pipes called the tracheal system. They leave food scraps and their dead friends in the garbage outside the nest.

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