Hardworking Ant coloring page

Hardworking Ant


Ant printable coloring page for free. Discover collection of printable and downloadable Hardworking Ant coloring sheet for kids.

Hardworking Ant

Characteristics: They are insects that live a community life. The smallest is 2 mm, the largest is 18 mm. In the fall, they retreat to the deep parts of their nests that do not freeze and spend the winter dormant. Males and females are winged, workers are wingless. Lifespan: Queens live 15-20 years, workers 5-10 years. Males live for 5-6 months, die after bridal flight. Varieties: There are close to 7500 species. Forest ants, mushroom growers, shepherd ants, captive raiders, and harps are the most well-known.

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