Big toothed Elephant coloring page

Big toothed Elephant


You can have fun with the printable Big toothed Elephant coloring page for kids. Download and print these Elephant coloring sheet. Today, only the Asian (Indian) elephant and the African elephant are left.

Big toothed Elephant

The Mammoth, which lives in cold regions, is extinct. Elephants live in herds in forests and densely grassy areas along river banks. The African elephant is larger than the Indian elephant and has broad ears. Use it like a fan in hot weather. The ears of the Indian elephant, which lives mostly in wooded and shaded areas, are small. Their hard, wrinkled skin is almost hairless. At the tips of the tail, there is a hard, wire-like bundle of hairs. Indian jewelers twist these bristles with thin gold ribbons to make beautiful-looking rings and bracelets.

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