Ceratopsian Dinosaur coloring page

Ceratopsian Dinosaur


Free Quality Ceratopsian Dinosaur coloring page for printable and downloadable drawn sheet. What makes these creatures famous is their head structure, which you can see in the image.

Ceratopsian Dinosaur

Ceratops have a unique bone called the rostral bone at the top of their upper jaw. A similar bone is not found in any species in the Animal Realm. Combined with the protruding bone at the tip of the lower jaw, this bone causes the mouths of these dinosaurs to roughly resemble a parrot's beak. In addition, the jugal bones, which are located just below the eye and are normally small in other creatures, are very long and open outwards in these dinosaurs. For this reason, the skulls of Ceratops appear in a triangular structure. Other bones that contribute to this triangle structure are the parietal and squamosal bones. These form strong bones that emerge from the roof of the skull and fall on either side of the neck. This structure acts as a helmet and provides an advantage in the fight against carnivorous dinosaurs.

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