Cute bird getting ready to fly coloring page

Cute bird getting ready to fly


Cute bird getting ready to fly printable coloring page for free. Discover collection of printable and downloadable bird coloring sheet for kids. Thousands of bird species, from tiny colibri to huge eagles, make long journeys between breeding and wintering areas every year when the time comes.

Cute bird getting ready to fly

They migrate between the Northern and Southern hemispheres twice a year. With the cold weather in the winter months, it becomes difficult to find food and competition increases. For this reason, migratory birds that breed in the Northern hemisphere embark on a migration movement towards the Southern hemisphere every autumn. Since the south is warmer and richer in nutrients, it constitutes a good wintering area. With the onset of spring, they begin their return migration from south to north. In the spring, the northern regions are flooded with birds.

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