Birds Free Coloring Pages to Print


Free printable Birds coloring pages contains beautiful worksheets. Birds are the only vertebrates that can fly. Thanks to their ability to fly, they can reach great distances in a short time. We have prepared bird coloring pages for these talented and impressive animals. You may need a lot of colored pencils when working on a coloring page with birds. We leave the choice of color to you. You can choose the most suitable bird coloring pages for you below.

Birds coloring pages (free printable)


Tiny sparrow


Autumn bird

How birds fly: The most important adaptation that enables them to fly is their wings. The wings of birds are formed in such a way that they are not impermeable to any liquid or gas. Wing movement requires muscle power, especially in long-haul flights, and causes a large amount of energy loss. Therefore, they have much more migratory thoracic bones than other vertebrates. The very strong muscles attached to the sternum are another adaptation that aids in wing movement. They produce energy through respiration. The reason why they do not have breathing difficulties while flying is that they can both inhale and exhale at the same time.

Which is the smallest bird in the world: The smallest bird in the world is the Bee-Bird. The bee-eater weighs about two grams. In order to fly, it flaps its wings dozens of times per second. It is the only bird that can fly backwards and hover.

It is known that there are about 10 thousand different bird species on earth, ranging in size from 5 cm to 2.5 meters. About half of these bird species belong to the class of songbirds, and almost every bird species has different wing characteristics.

Bird Characteristics

Birds, which were formed 160 million years ago and whose total number is thought to be 50 billion today, according to scientific studies, are feathered, warm-blooded creatures that reproduce by means of eggs, having a toothless beak in general. The skeletal systems of these creatures, which can be divided into two as domestic and wild birds, are made up of very light bones.

Birds with the most complex and complicated respiratory system among animals; They send ¾ of the air they take to the air sacs and meet their respiratory needs with the remaining ¼. Birds' behavior patterns are directly related to the development of their brains. Birds that are very successful in communicating through sound; Depending on the development of their brains, they also have the ability to imitate the sounds they hear in nature.

Bird Breeds

Bird species, which have approximately 10 thousand different breeds, are divided into 8 different teams, thanks to their common characteristics:

Birds of Prey: These birds, which eat meat and have sharp beaks accordingly; They are divided into two as nocturnal predators and daytime predators. While the class of day predators consists of birds such as eagles, hawks, falcons and hawks, the most well-known member of the night predators is the owl.

Climbing Birds: The woodpecker is the best-known member of this bird species, which lives in forests and wooded areas.

Cuckoos: Just like climbing birds, this bird living in forest areas feeds on insects and fruit.

Sparrows: The most well-known member of this class, which includes birds such as goldfinches, canaries and finches, is the sparrow.

Pigeons: Nearly 300 species of pigeons and doves are included in this bird order.

Chickens: Also called ground birds, this class consists of land-dwelling birds such as chickens, pheasants and turkeys.

Long-Legged: It consists of birds such as storks, cranes and herons. This bird species, which mostly lives in swampy lands, feeds on insects and fish.

Runner Birds: The ostrich and nandu are the main birds, which are large and large. Although they cannot fly, these birds, which have the ability to run very fast, can reach up to 2.75 meters in size.

Pet Bird Species

Although birds are not fully domesticated, some species are easier to keep at home than others. Budgerigars, nightingales, parrot species and canaries are among the birds that can be kept at home.

Types of Budgies

When it comes to the type of bird that can be fed at home or at home, the first bird that comes to mind is budgerigars. Budgerigars, which belong to the parrot family and first spread from Australia to the world, are divided into the following types:

  • Light Green Budgies
  • Albino Budgies
  • Sky Blue Budgies
  • Gray Wing Budgies
  • Lutino Budgies
  • Show Jumbo Budgies
  • Pakistani Budgies
  • Czechoslovakian Budgerigars

Birds are animals with beaks and wings, whose bodies are covered with feathers, which breathe through the lungs, lay eggs. There are approximately 10,000 bird species in nature. Its diversity makes it the most populous animal species among vertebrates. There are usually bird species living in every region, including the south pole and the north pole. Their sizes and features also differ according to their varieties. There are also varieties of birds that live both on land and in water. In addition, there are no teeth in the beak parts.