Easy Big Eyes Owl coloring page

Easy Big Eyes Owl


You can have fun with the printable Easy Big Eyes Owl coloring page for kids. Their heads are large and hairy. Although their tails are short, their wings are broad and long.

Easy Big Eyes Owl

The wingspan of some reaches the size of a man. There are some as small as sparrows. Their beaks are curved, their claws are sharp with hook claws and rotating fingers. Its strong claws clamp down on its prey. Owls live around the world, they are not just found in Antarctica. There are 17 types of owls in Russia. Most of these birds are found in forests and only a few live in open areas. Mostly owls live in burrows. The owl finds a home almost everywhere: in forests, mountains, steppes and deserts. A long-eared owl lives in all kinds of fields, as well as hunts in open areas, but makes its nests only in the forest. The white owl lives in the tundra, in winter it flies south, does not like wooded places. The Bearded Owl lives only in dense forests.

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