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Printable Owls coloring pages are completely free and impressive. The owl bird is a very interesting animal, it has unusual and interesting features. You will learn a lot of information and features while working with the owl coloring page. Our main colors when painting this bird; There will be colors such as brown, black, green, gray, yellow, etc. You can choose an owl coloring page you like below.

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The owl is a type of bird found among nocturnal predators. The Latin name of the creatures in question is strigiformes. The eyesight of these creatures is highly developed. Owls, which are large-headed and long-haired creatures, can live for 60-70 years. In addition, it is seen that their height is between 18 and 70 cm. There are 123 species of owls in the world. It will be important to give information about the most known ones among them. The most known owl species;

- Isaac Bird: The Isaac bird, between 19 and 21 centimeters in length, is the smallest owl species known throughout our country. They live in rural areas.

 - Fish Owl: This species, one of the largest owl varieties; It breeds only in our country in Europe and is known to have very few numbers.

 - Barn Owl: This species has different characteristics. They generally have superior hearing skills and find their prey by their voices. In addition, it is the duty of male owls to feed the female owls in the incubation period.

- Pied Owl: Pied owl can be very aggressive, aggressive and irritable, especially during the incubation period. This species likes to rest on the branches of trees with plenty of leaves and to live by making nests in holes in the trunks of trees.

 - Long Tron Owl: This species, which lives in the forested areas in the mountainous parts, hunts at night as in the others. Usually for feeding; there are small mammals, invertebrates, birds and voles.

 - Little Owl: Little Owl; They like to live near settlements with greenery such as gardens or fields. This kind; They nest in rock cavities, tree cavities or roofs.

- Eared Woodland Owl: This species; While they look like a round and fluffy ball in their quiet times, otherwise they give an upright appearance by erecting their ear hairs.

How Many Types of Owl Are There?

It can be noted that there are approximately 123 varieties of owls. However, the most known species are; Pied Owl, Isaac Owl, Fish Owl, Wild Owl, Eared Forest Owl, Little Owl.

Where Do Owls Be and Live?

owls; They live in abandoned bird nests, tree hollows and towers. Owls can be found all over the world except Antarctica. owl species worldwide; They live in temperate, tropical and sub-polar areas.

What Are Owl Traits?

  • It flies silently.
  • It swallows its prey whole.
  • He has a very strong sense of hearing.
  • It has three eyelids.
  • It's very good at camouflage.
  • They eat a lot of rodents.
  • Some owls make a hissing sound.
  • The goblin owl lives in cactus.
  • Female owls are more aggressive than males.
  • He has enhanced eyesight.
  • Not all owl species are nocturnal.
  • Some owls may prey on other owls.
  • They feed the strongest offspring.
  • They cannot rotate their heads 360 degrees.
  • It is the only bird species that can see the color blue.

It flies silently

Unlike most birds, owls make almost no noise in flight because they have special feathers that break up turbulence into smaller currents. Special feathers, which have a soft structure, significantly reduce the sound. Thus, owls can fly silently.

Swallows its prey whole

Being killed by an owl is pretty scary. The raptors in question first catch their prey. It then crushes it to death with its powerful claws. After this process, depending on the size, the prey either eats whole or parts. It removes indigestible parts such as bone by vomiting.

Has a Very Strong Hearing Sense

Owls also draw attention with their strong sense of hearing. Owls can locate and hunt their prey in the dark, thanks to their developed sense of hearing. Creatures with very sensitive earphones can notice even the slightest rustle.

Has Three Eyelids

Owls, one of the most mysterious animals, have three eyelids. One of these eyelids is for blinking, the second is for sleeping, and the third is for keeping the eye clean and healthy.

Very Successful in Camouflage

Owls are masters of camouflage. In this way, birds of prey can sleep unnoticed by other creatures during the daytime.

Too Many Rodent Places

Owls eat a lot of rodents. Only one barn owl family can consume 3,000 rodents in a four-month breeding cycle. An owl can eat 50 kilograms of squirrels per year. Also, a barn owl eats 1,000 mice every year. Many farmers build owl nests so that creatures such as squirrels and voles do not damage their crops. This method is much safer and cheaper than using poison. It is also important for the health of owls, as many owls die each year from eating poisoned rodents.

Some Owls Make Hissing Sound

Owls, whose bodies are covered with soft and fine feathers, make a variety of sounds, including whistling and hissing, as well as crowing. The barn owl hisses when it feels threatened. These sounds are pretty scary.

Goblin Owl Lives in Cactus

The goblin owl, which lives in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States, lives on the saguaro cactus. The smallest owl species, the goblin owl, nests in holes drilled into any part of the cactus by other animals.

Female Owls Are More Aggressive Than Males

There is another interesting piece of information about creatures whose bodies are covered with feathers. In most species, female owls are heavier, larger, and more aggressive than males.

Has Enhanced Vision

Owls, whose eyes are fixed and therefore need to turn their heads to see around, have improved eyesight. Creatures that can see their prey from meters away see objects and creatures at close range blurry. For this reason, they need small hair-like hairs on their beaks and paws to sense food.

Not All Owl Species Are Nocturnal

It is known that all owls are nocturnal, but this information is actually wrong. Not all owl species are nocturnal. How often an owl is seen during the day depends on daylight, amount of food and habitat.

Some Owls Can Hunt Other Owls

Some species may eat other owls. For example, the american eagle and the striped owl can attack each other. This may be one reason for the decline in the number of American pups.

They Feed The Strongest Puppies

As strange as it may sound, parents always feed the strongest owl. This means that weak puppies will starve when little food is available. After an owl leaves the nest, it usually lives near the same tree.

Can't Rotate Their Heads 360 Degrees

It is one of the common misconceptions that owls can turn their heads 360 degrees. The creatures in question can actually turn their heads 135 degrees in either direction. Thus, they have a total field of view of 270 degrees.

It is the only bird species that can see the color blue

There is a lot of interesting information about owls. One of them is that owls are the only bird species that can see the color blue.