Easy Owl coloring page

Easy Owl


Printable Easy Owl coloring page download or print the best basic coloring image sheet for free. We will learn how to draw and paint an owl.

Easy Owl

Step 1 Draw a vertical baseline that will divide the future owl shape in half; this will be our starting point for sizing. Next, mark the side edges of the bird's head and body. It is useful to follow the rules of symmetry when drawing animals. Remember that nothing in the natural world is perfectly symmetrical. Step 2 Draw approximate shapes of the head and torso using light pencil lines. Stage 3 The eyes are located on the same line slightly below the midpoint of the owl's head. The baseline helps me measure an even distance. The distance between the eyes is approximately equal to the width of one eye. Step 4 Draw the approximate shape of the beak. It looks like a triangle with two rounded corners. Step 5 Add protruding shapes that look like stylized ears (ear crests). Step 6 Draw the pupils and also add lines of diverging feathers above the eyes. Step 7 Refine the muzzle pattern of the owl, also known as the face disc. Step 8 Draw small details on the beak and ears. Step 9 Add wings to the body. Step 10 Draw the base of the paws. Each paw has four toes, but the hind toes are hidden behind; they help the bird stay in a stable position. Step 11 Add hook claws and also refine the shape of the fingers.

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