Flowers and honey bees coloring page

Flowers and honey bees


The coloring page is completely free to print and download. Honey bees are very important to humanity. The history of honey bees on our world is much older than the history of humanity.

Flowers and honey bees

Humanity came to know about the oldest known bee when a fossil of a bee that lived 100 million years ago was discovered in amber in Burma. However, the history of humanity in our world is stated as 300 thousand years in many scientific articles. When we compare these two pieces of information, we learn that bees began to live in this world long before we humans. Due to its very old history, honey bees are social insects that have adapted to our world better than us and live as colonies. The information obtained from the analysis of wax residues on very ancient pottery found in Africa shows that humanity started to domesticate bees and produce bee products about 10 thousand years ago. The drawing of a bee and a beekeeper in a cave in Spain has a history of 7,000 years. Beekeeping was practiced in ancient Egypt about 2500 years ago, and smoke was used to repel bees.

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