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You can start Bee coloring page by choosing one of wonderful and cute Bee coloring sheets and worksheets. Bees coloring pages that we have carefully selected for kids and you. Bees are among the most intelligent animals. Bees are known for their collective action. His communication skills are also highly developed. One of the most well-known characteristics of these creatures, which belong to the insect family, is that they are hardworking and disciplined. Now let's choose the bee picture and start working right away.

Bees coloring pages (Printable)

Especially in the spring, you must often encounter bees outside, traveling from flower to flower. With their endless energy and high discipline, these creatures continue to work non-stop even when you can't see them. But did you know that a honeybee colony produces approximately 15 to 75 kilograms of pollen per year? Indeed, many bee species have pollen baskets on their hind legs. Pollen baskets have curly hairs that fix the collected pollen. Moreover, interesting information about bees is not limited to this! It is known that bees are one of the most misunderstood creatures on this planet. Although bees are known all over the world for their ability to sting people, it is very important to know how important these creatures are to the ecosystem. So now is the time for you to get to know the characteristics of bees and bee species better! There are more than 20 thousand bee species in the world. More than 4,000 of these species contain bees native to the United States.

Yellow Bee Breed: It is among the most common bee species in the world. Known for having a strong and durable structure, these bees are not resistant to cold climatic conditions. One of the most distinctive features of this species is that they are predators. They live especially in regions where Mediterranean climate prevails. They can reproduce extremely quickly. Mating seasons begin in March - April and last until October and November.

Black Bee Race: It is a name given to most of the bee species known as brown bee in our country. They live in many European countries, especially Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands. They are much rarer than yellow bees, as their reproduction instinct is not very developed. When they sense a danger in the environment, they have the potential to attack individually or collectively. They do not eat all of the nectar they collect from flowers and keep some of them. Black bees, which have a very large structure, have an aggressive and disobedient structure. In some studies, it was determined that they escaped from the hive.

Honey Bee: They live in a hive with a queen bee. Honeybees with a total of five eyes are one of the most intelligent and fast bee species. As a result of research carried out in countries such as Canada and America, it has been proven that these insects have very strong memories. Along with cockroaches, it is an insect species that has managed to survive for the longest time in the world. This figure is 200 million years in some sources and 300 million years in others.

Wasp: It is among the most common bee species in the world after honey bees. The homeland of these bees, also known as Sarıca, is Europe. These bees have a very large structure. Most hornets, which behave very differently according to their species, have an aggressive nature. While honey bees sting once, they die, while hornets sting many times, but they can survive. Insect and insect-feeding species, on the other hand, are of great importance for the environment.

Carniola Honey Bee: In our country, it is also known as carniola honey bee. The homeland of the Carniola honey bee is known as the Balkans. The Carniola honey bee is a slender bee species and has a very long tongue. Its body is covered with short and fine hairs.

Italian Bee: It is a superior bee race that has preserved its superior characteristics since ancient times. Its original homeland is Northern Italy. Italian bees are very hardworking and docile. The Italian bee has the ability to lay abundant eggs. It has a rounded abdomen and a rather long tongue. The tongue length varies between 6.3 and 6.6. They are usually yellow in color. These bees are called “Golden Bee” (golden bees). They are extremely calm and good-natured. The stinging tendencies are very low.

Belfast Bee: The Buckfast bee is one of the world's most famous HYBRID bees. In hybrid bees, bees from different breeds with known genetic characteristics are combined under controlled conditions and using artificial insemination. In other words, Carniolan is not a separate race like Italian or Caucasian. In such combinations, the phenomenon called crossbreeding occurs and the first generation mothers are more productive than their own parents. Honey yield is high. The fry are fast and successful in finding direction.

Which is the Biggest Bee?

With a wingspan of approximately 6 cm, the Wallace giant bee is the largest bee in the world. The female bee usually builds her nest in winged ant mounds. For its nest, it collects tree resin with its large jaw and rubs it on the edge of the nest to prevent the invasion of ants. The Wallace bee is a large black bee with a hornet-like structure and a huge jaw like a stag beetle.