Fluffy sweet cat coloring page

Fluffy sweet cat


Here I am with a very cute looking cat coloring page with soft fur. This cat is full of bite :D Printable cat coloring page download or print the best Fluffy sweet cat image sheet for free.

Fluffy sweet cat

One of the common features of Iranian, Maine Coon or Scottish breeds is that they have very long hair. Features such as long or fluffy hair in cats are among the genetic characteristics. The characteristic features of hair in cats are regulated by the fibroblast growth factor 5, or FGF5 gene for short. This is why some cats have longer hair, while others have shorter hair. One of the common features of long-haired cats is that they need to be brushed regularly every day. Regular brushing is a need for hairy cat breeds, which also affects health. Otherwise, tangles and clumping will occur in the cat's fur. This is painful for cats. For cats with medium-length hair, brushing once every two days is sufficient. Depending on the hair structure of the cats, it may be necessary to use different combs or hair collectors.

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