Cats Free Coloring Pages to Print


Cats coloring pages are pretty sweet and fun. With these cute cat coloring pages, kids and teens will learn to draw and color better. Cats can usually be 2 or 4 colors. But you can use as many colored pencils as you want. There are over 500 million domestic cats from 33 different breeds in the world. They have a noble and logical personality, excellent intuition, and rational sensibility. They immediately attract attention with their curious behavior and positive outlook on life.

Cats coloring pages (to print)


Balinese cat


Fluffy Cat


Simple Cat


Lady Cat


Cat in suit


Warrior Cat


Maned Cat

American Curl cats get their name from their curled ears. Their biggest physical difference from other cats is these characteristic ears, which seem to be curved inwards. As it is known, the hearing abilities of cats are very developed, but the American Curl cats, which have a physically different ear structure among cat breeds, are ahead of other cats in terms of hearing power. These cats, which can hear even the smallest sounds, also attract attention with their beautiful soft fur. Thanks to their sharp intelligence, they can learn very quickly and be trained very easily. These sweet cats, who love to be held and loved, are also very playful and active animals.

America's Cheetah (AMERICAN KEUDA) Cats; The American Keuda cat, which can run fast like a cheetah thanks to its flexible legs, was discovered in the 1980s. Some breeds of these agile cats, whose homeland is South America, are like miniature cheetahs with their striped patterns, apart from being very agile. American Keuda cats, who need intense exercise, love water and are good swimmers. Known for their loyalty to their owners, these cats are very resistant to diseases. It is important to keep them warm, as they have a fine fur structure. Other than that, it is not difficult to maintain. Due to their durability, they will not leave you alone for many years.

Balinese Cats; Known for their resemblance to Siamese cats, Balinese cats have won the hearts of animal lovers with their beautiful bright eyes, energetic nature, playfulness and soft long hair. The Balinese cat, named after the islands of Bali, is actually a different breed of Siamese cats. Balinese cats, which differ from Siamese cats with their long hair structure, show similarities with them in terms of character traits. Native to the Americas, Balinese are very attached to their owners and are very playful and energetic cats. Attracting attention with their cute and characteristic faces and active nature, these cats love to run outdoors. Since they are social creatures, they can easily establish friendly relations with other animals and people.

Chartreux; The physical sizes of Chartreux Cats, which have medium-length blue-gray hair, are also medium-large. Often called the smiling cat of France, the Chartreux has a sweet and smiling expression. It is a tough and strong cat. Historically known as adept rat hunters with strong hunting instincts, Chartreux enjoys toys that move. This is a slow maturing cat breed that reaches adulthood in three to five years. A loving, kind friend, Chartreux forms a close bond with his family.

American Shorthair; A medium-sized cat breed with short hair, predominantly black, gray and white. Formerly used to keep rodents and vermin out of food stores, the American Shorthair still enjoys using its hunting skills on unsuspecting insects. As an intelligent, moderately active cat, he enjoys learning tricks and challenging his wits with puzzles and interactive toys.

British Shorthair; The British Shorthair, which has short and dense hair, is a medium-large cat breed. The British Shorthair is a docile cat. He enjoys affection, but is not needy and does not like to be carried in the hand. He'll still follow you from room to room out of curiosity. They are not lap cats, but they do enjoy being snuggled next to their humans on the couch.

Bengal Cat; The coat of the Bengal Cat is medium length, medium build and bright orange-brown in color. Bengal Cats are inquisitive and confident, with the meekness of a domestic tabby and the beauty of an Asian Leopard Cat. They have a playful personality.

Burmese Cat; The Burmese Cat, which is one of the medium-large cat breeds, has long white-brown hairs. The Birman is as distinguished a cat as it is legendary. With exotic ancestry, luxurious pointed fur, "white-gloved" paws, and captivating blue eyes, this is a breed with undeniable charisma.

Himalayan Cat; The medium-large Himalayan Cat has long, white-yellow fur. The Himalayan Cat is a sweet and gentle cat. Affectionate but selective. Although he likes to sleep on your lap and be a pet, he can be withdrawn around guests. Calm, quiet environments with little change are best for the Himalayan.