Happy Dinosaurs coloring page

Happy Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs were known as groups of happy animals living together. This happy dinosaur coloring page shows us that a date is happening.

Happy Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are animals that dominated the life of the earth for around 231.4 million years. They first appeared on earth 230-225 million years ago. There were around 850 dinosaur species on earth. Some of these animals ate plants, while others ate meat. Grass-eating dinosaurs have weak teeth. It is thought that they fed on aquatic plants. The eggs of the dinosaurs were quite thick-shelled. This shell protected the young inside and thanks to the special bond inside, the young grew up safely. Despite the large size of the dinosaurs, the fact that their forelimbs were just below their bodies enabled them to move more easily than other animals living at that time. At the same time, unlike other animals, it allows them to breathe while running. Dinosaurs lived on every continent of the world. This is because 200 million years ago there was only one continent called pangea. 135 million years ago, many dinosaur species went extinct. There are no dinosaurs today.

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