Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur coloring page

Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur


With Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur coloring page, we will examine a predatory and scary dinosaur. Tyrannosaurus rex or T. rex is a Tyrannosaur. He is the most famous of all dinosaurs. It lived in western modern-day North America 65 million years ago and has brought anxiety to both modern and later animals.

Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur

Besides being a fearful carnivore and a gigantic dinosaur, T. rex was actually an extremely loving, sensitive, and intelligent animal. It may surprise you to hear that it has a touch-sensitive face and chimpanzee-equivalent intelligence. T. rexes were violent carnivores. The biggest predators were not dinosaurs, but they were extremely efficient, ferocious hunters. A T. rex's body has evolved to be the best for hunting.

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