Heart-tailed Elephant loves water coloring page

Heart-tailed Elephant loves water


Free best cute Heart-tailed Elephant loves water coloring page for kids. Enjoy our huge Elephant coloring page collection. It feeds on grass and thin tree branches. He drinks a lot of water, does not ruminate.

Heart-tailed Elephant loves water

Despite its size, it is agile and a good swimmer. Two perforated proboscis occurs when the nose and upper lip merge and lengthen. This organ, which consists of more than 40 thousand muscles, is used as a touch, sniffing and grasping tool, as well as absorbing water and spraying it into the mouth. The end of the proboscis ends with two lips that extend like fingers in the African elephant, and a single lip in the Indian elephant. It is sensitive enough to pick up a pin, powerful enough to throw a human 40 meters away and uproot a tree. The sense of hearing and especially the sense of smell is very strong against the sense of sight, which is not very strong.

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