Impressive Elephant Head coloring page

Impressive Elephant Head


Discover free Impressive Elephant Head coloring page to print or download for adults. HD quality elephant image is therapeutic and calming.The Asian elephant has preserved its importance as a war ceremonial and pack animal for centuries, and has been used to transport logs from the forest under the direction of its caretakers.

Impressive Elephant Head

The use of African elephants as pack animals is much more limited. Elephants have never been fully domesticated, as they have only reached the strength to do work after the age of 20. Elephants are on the verge of extinction due to the destruction of their natural habitats and hunting for ivory. While illegal hunting especially for the ivory trade reduces the number of African elephants, the increasing number of elephants in limited areas in some protected areas is reaching levels that harm the environment. Also, elephants cannot jump. This makes the elephant the only mammal that cannot jump.

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