Lady bee loves flowers coloring page

Lady bee loves flowers


Lady bee coloring page best quality picture to print or download. Flowers are a food source for bees. Bees living in the same hive are called a bee colony (bee family).

Lady bee loves flowers

While there is only one queen bee in a colony, there are approximately 50,000 to 80,000 worker bees. The number of bees in the colony varies in summer and winter seasons. Bees wait for spring to come by consuming the honey in the hive in winter and keep the number of bees in the colony to a minimum in order to consume less honey during this period. In summer and spring, they increase the number of worker bees in the colony as they need more worker bees for the production of honey pollen propolis. In the spring and summer, the bees working for the colony in nature can only live for 45 days because they are worn out. The worker bees die before they can consume the honey they collect from nature in the spring and summer season. Bees that do not come out of the hive in winter live for about 3 months until spring.

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